The Internet is packed with so many usefull and eye-opening websites, documentaries, projects etc. Therefore we tried to create this list with the most valueable links, enjoy and share:

Documentaries and Videos:

is a wonderful inspiring film which explains about  the evolution of our planet earth, the humans and how our civilisation has changed the earth more drastically in the last 50 years than all other generations together. (available in different languages) or directly here in Englisch:

Money as Debt 2
Explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT... and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era.
Money as Debt 2 in English
Money as Debt 2 (subtitles available in different languages)

The Corporation the best Canadian documentary ever, an psychological approach of the the modern companies who if analysed as humans turn out to be Psychopaths. Highly recommend!

In Transition 1.0 is the first detailed film about the Transition movement, communities around the world responding to peak oil and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour, and setting about rebuilding their local economies and communities. Really good and inspiring documentary about change that is possible in cities, villages and eco communities.

Skipping Waste is an interesting documentary about dumpster diving as a solution for our modern societies.

Earthlings is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made (subtitles available)

The Meatrix great animation movie about industrial agriculture and treatment of animals. (available in more than 30 languages)

The Story of Stuff 
is a verry easy to understand 20min. animated documentary about the life-cycle of material goods and how it effects our mother earth. (available in more than 20 languages) 

Story of bottled Water explains the circle of plastic bottled water and how it is destructive for our planet and ourselfs

We Feed the World is a 2005 documentary in which Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer traces the origins of the food we eat and views modern industrial production of food in a critical light.

Our Daily Bread  is a wide-screen tableau of a feast which isn’t always easy to digest - and in which we all take part. A pure, meticulous and high-end film experience that enables the audience to form their own ideas.

Island of Flowers It tracks the path of a tomato from garden to dump to denounce our production systems and the social injustices.
- Ideas Worth Spreading is a amazing pool of interestings talks from people from all over the world who share their science, ideas, visions and stories. You will find constantly new inspiring videos! (subtitles available in more than 30 languages) is a database of interesting documentaries available for free. is the channel of positivism, only good news in there!

Websites for consciousness

Freegan is a community of conscious peopel who decided to live simply, looking for a better harmony with the nature, an alternative to our system based ont he principles of sharing and giving. shows a world map where you can see the growing rates of each country and their CO2 emissions. is a network for the people who suffer from hunger. You can get information and participate to find the solution.

gives an insight about the worldwide use of water and how much water products really consume, both direct and indirect water use of consumers or producers.
unveil the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view it aims to make statistics understandble, it shows the world’s most important trends and is an eye opening new experience to look at facts. is a platform of artists from the whole world to deliver messages of hope and love.

Vegetarianism in a nutshell, Everything you need to know about vegetarianism. is an organisation that takes care of the oceans organising beach cleaning, etc.

Raw Food Life A raw food diet is not just good for you - it’s also good science! You don’t have to take our word for it, have ‘faith’ or trust the latest nutrition guru. 
The Stock Exchange of Visions project was initiated to provide a platform for the world leading artists, sociologists, activists, scientists and others to share their visions about the future of our planet with a broad public and let them decide if either they agree up on their thoughts or not.

Car free is a network analysing the possibility to live without cars and giving already some tips for a better life carfree!

Us Debt Clock to see in real time the evolution of the public debt of the United states and many other statistics...

Get invoveled, Websites where you can participate: is a worldwide community of friendly, open-minded and hospital people who share their apartment, language, time and much more with you. is a platform where you can learn everything about Dumpster Diving... or how to eat the waste of our societies by doing so reduce your environmental impact and save a lot of money! is an international movement that is helping people share more sustainable ways of living. In retrun for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accomodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles is a collaborative project to build a free guide for hitchhikers, you will find the best spots to get an easy lift, learn from experienced hitchhikers and much more is the United Nations Volunteers programme that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. global giving connects donors with community-based projects that need support is a green search enginge like, with the difference that at least 80% of there search income goes to a rainforest protection program run by WWF is a platform where 50 different ways are explained how you can help the our planet earth. helps everyone to share their books, by leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

YouthInAction is a platform from the European Union to support the Youngsters in Europe, you will find workshops to participate and many other interesting infos and activities. an integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. is a Freeconomy community that aims is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing. Not only is sharing our resources better for the environment, it saves you money and builds friendships with those people who live closest to you. It is what we call a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Other usefull and interesting websites:

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