Sunday, February 7, 2016

free e-books of the moneyless journey !

Dear brothers and sisters !

It is always a surprise to see so many people visiting this website so often when the journey ended some years ago ! 
We don't update this blog anymore but we have other blogs and projects that are related to the moneyless experience. We also have a couple of e-books you can download for free to read about our journey and other experiences without money.

In German :

Glucklich ohne geld was published in German and tell the story of Raphael Fellmer, how he came to take such a crazy trip, the adventure of becoming a father without money and the creation of Foodsharing. You can download it here :
More infos about Raphael and his projects :


In French : un sou en poche tells the story of the adventure from the point of view of Benjamin Lesage and was published in 2015. 
There is a free version avalaible on his blog :

There is also a guide to travel without money available ! 

If any french/english translator interested, please contact him : sansunsou @ 

In english :
A short story about the journey of 51 pages available here :

In Italian : Coming soon !

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters !

I finally finished my "carnets de voyage" about the journey without money we made from the Netherlands to Mexico !
It is available in French...and we will have to wait some time to see it translated in English!
However, in the meantime, I have written a shorter ebook wich sum up the main lines of the journey : Three thumbs, one fate.
You can download it for free in my website :
Feel free to share it and stay connected for more in the future !

Sunday, July 21, 2013 is online !

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The website of is now online in English, French and Spanish!

If you are interested in the project of a vegan and sustainable ecovillage based on the gift economy, come and have a look!

We are now looking for a land in the south of Europe and/or a transitional place to conduct the search. If you have any clues, please let us know:

Lot of love and good vibes!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ciao America: The dream goes on...

It has now been three years since we landed in Recife, Brazil after a long and epic journey through the Atlantic ocean on board of the “Fetse”. Today, we are at New York, on the other side of the continent and we decided that Yazmin and I would go back by plane. I had forbidden myself to this idea on one hand because it is by far the most unsustainable way to travel but also and mostly because the idea of concluding this journey the way it started has always been much more romantic.

But that said, we are tired, and we are looking forward to get back. Europe is waiting for us with the emergency that concerns us all, the emergency of change, the emergency of the (r)evolution. For us, this emergency takes the form of desire of living in a community, into the wild, live off our own land, live in harmony, as much as we can with the environment and its inhabitants. This dream is far more important than coming back on a boat.

So here we are, we are coming back to connect with Raphael, Nieves and Alma Lucia and all the people who want to embark on this new adventure: the building of a harmonious and vegan community based on sharing and love.

This flight back to Europe shows once again that living strictly without money is a utopia today. It’s a fact, but it is a beautiful one and as all utopias, it helps us to go forward, it shows us the way to follow. We now know it is only up to ourselves to unite and construct a new system based on a “gift economy”. Everything is already there, abundance is everywhere, we just have to share instead of selling, to give instead of possessing.

Therefore, this return is a new invitation for all who share this dream and for all who want to get involved in this project by one way or another to gather and get started! We just need a piece of land, love and faith!

a last word before to leave this continent. Thank you America and all its inhabitants, thank you all! Along our journeys, sweeping from South to North we have found a unique force, a changing impulse vibrating in the heart of all Americans, from Brazil to United states. an impulse that inspired us to go forward, to continue the (r)evolution, to live with more intensity sharing the gift of our Pachamama.

“La tierra no se vende” shout the people of this continent, and they are right and we want to believe in those sacred words and keep believing in a free world, without borders, with injustice, a world were wealth is shared the same way smiles are.

Monday, March 25, 2013

One day like any other

This day has been common and special at the same time, a day full of stories, faces, smiles, intensity, joy and despair. A day that I want to share because it does illustrate perfectly what does the road mean to us, full time wanderers.

This day started at the border of Mexico, in Laredo. It is 7 a.m., a fresh morning wind is blowing the dawn away. We finish our food reserves, some fruits and two delicious vegan tamales, last delicacies of the flavorful Mexican cuisine. A few dollars for the border, compulsory fee not open to negotiations and we can enter the United states of America.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vegan Eco Community in the south of Europe

When vegans dream alone it is only a dream. But when many vegans dream together it is the beginning of a new vegan reality.

Invitation to create together a vegan eco-community

We are a group of committed vegans originally from Spain, Mexico, Germany and France. We share a dream of living in harmony with our Mother Earth and all the beings on this planet. We are looking for people who are single, couples and families who want to create, together with us, an eco-village in the countryside, no more than 50km away from a small city. 

The main idea is not only to live in complete self-sufficiency - providing our own source of sustainable energy, our own food and water - but also to live as a single family in which all the members treat each other as brothers and sisters without separation or discrimination. This vision of unity begins with bringing together those who share the same values.

The Eco-village will function independently from the grid. Construction ideas will begin with the question of how we can live in harmony with our environment.

We dream of an Eco-village that will function without money. Within the community no service or goods are sold, there will be no money invovled and no bartering. Instead we want to share everything we have from materialistic stuff, knowledge, wisdom and skills. We dream of living entirely by sharing with one another, creating webs of contact with other eco-villages in order to get all that we need, share all that we have. We believe in the law of universe: You receive what you give.

We dream of a vegan Eco-village where no animals are enslaved or exploited. (That said, anybody would obviously be free to eat what they want while outside the community.)

We dream of a Permaculture design: growing our own food according to the laws of nature, applying techniques borrowed from Permaculture or Fukuoka, creating water circuits for irrigation, composts, dry toilets, biodigestors etc...

We dream of houses made out of love, local resources (adobe, clay, wood, stones), and recycled materials (megaposters, tires, canvas,...) The goal is to use only natural materials found in the region. For elements that cannot be found in nature but are needed for a functioning house (such as, pipes, washing machines, hoses, windows, doors, furniture, tiles, tools, shower, water plug) we will use only recycled materials.

We dream of old recyceld solar panels who were going to be wasted and instead continue to provide clean free energy. Further we want to explore new ways of creating renewable energies by harvesting the wind, the rain, biomas and the sun in order to provide the entire community with enough gas and energy.

We dream of a community where children are raised in an atmosphere of respect and peace towards each other, mother nature and all living beings.

We dream of a free school without classes and grades. Instead we want to learn from the kids, discover the world through their pure eyes and in return offer them a wide range of non-formal learning methods. We are all teachers and we want this space to be a huge university where each square meter is an opportunity to learn.

We dream of creating a center for sharing peace and awareness - a place where everybody is a master and a student alike; a platform to share wisdom, knowledge, curiosity, innovative practices and empathy with one other - in order to form a peaceful, creative and vibrating melting pot of people thriving for human evolution.

We dream of a place which is open to everyone, any nationality, any belief. We will hold regular work camps, conferences and offer the opportunity for volunteers to learn and share their talents, ideas, and abilities.

We dream of a community that strives towards non-hierarchical structures, where everybody is a leader, and where decisions are taken in a group process so that everyone feels responsible and wants to be part of a rotating system for communal tasks.

We dream of beginning in an abandoned village, an old farm house, or an empty field and building our own eco houses. We don't plan to buy a piece of land. Instead, we dream of someone (a farmer, an individual or family, government etc.) who cedes his/her property to the community with the objective to create a thriving example of sustainable communal living. Once alive, we dream of a public outreach program aimed at encouraging others to follow our example.

This dream is not unique. We know many share it and we invite you to connect with us to dream and work together. There are no rules defined, we are open to any proposition... unity prevails over everything!

For more information about us please visit our website:

The Website is available in English, Spanish, German and French

If you have Facebook, please join the group

If you are interested and want to dream together, help us, recommend/cede a place for this project, please write us:

Thanks for reading and hopefully we will hear from you soon

With love yours

 Yazmin and Benji


Alma Lucia, Nieves and Raphael

Thursday, February 21, 2013

WasteLeaks - a new era of transparency is about to begin will be the first platform to uncover the truth through videos, pictures and documents which disclose the waste of food and resources by supermarkets, producers, factories, mines and all other entities who waste energy, water, commodities etc.

The page will be created by the people for the people with the goal to give employees, organizations, dumpster divers, clients and all other humans the possibility to anonymously expose one truth at a time. The objective is to reveal all non-ethical practices of companies wasting precious goods, abusing workers and animals as well as our planet earth.

WasteLeaks will be completely non commercial, no money will be involved at all, instead it will be created and run by volunteers who spend their time to share their skills and talents. WasteLeaks will be a truly crowd-sourced, international operating page in order to unveil what capitalistic cooperations do not want the public to know.

We are still looking for programmers, designers and volunteers who want to add their help to make this site as soon as possible a reality to tackle one of the main pillars of the capitalistic world which is based on injustice, waste and destruction.

We are looking forward to your feedback, and hopefully together we can create more pressure on the wasteful industries, supermarkets and corporations.

Thank you very much in advance, with love yours Benjamin and Raphael

Please write us if you want to help, suggest anything or add your ideas to:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margareth Mead