Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ciao America: The dream goes on...

It has now been three years since we landed in Recife, Brazil after a long and epic journey through the Atlantic ocean on board of the “Fetse”. Today, we are at New York, on the other side of the continent and we decided that Yazmin and I would go back by plane. I had forbidden myself to this idea on one hand because it is by far the most unsustainable way to travel but also and mostly because the idea of concluding this journey the way it started has always been much more romantic.

But that said, we are tired, and we are looking forward to get back. Europe is waiting for us with the emergency that concerns us all, the emergency of change, the emergency of the (r)evolution. For us, this emergency takes the form of desire of living in a community, into the wild, live off our own land, live in harmony, as much as we can with the environment and its inhabitants. This dream is far more important than coming back on a boat.

So here we are, we are coming back to connect with Raphael, Nieves and Alma Lucia and all the people who want to embark on this new adventure: the building of a harmonious and vegan community based on sharing and love.

This flight back to Europe shows once again that living strictly without money is a utopia today. It’s a fact, but it is a beautiful one and as all utopias, it helps us to go forward, it shows us the way to follow. We now know it is only up to ourselves to unite and construct a new system based on a “gift economy”. Everything is already there, abundance is everywhere, we just have to share instead of selling, to give instead of possessing.

Therefore, this return is a new invitation for all who share this dream and for all who want to get involved in this project by one way or another to gather and get started! We just need a piece of land, love and faith!

a last word before to leave this continent. Thank you America and all its inhabitants, thank you all! Along our journeys, sweeping from South to North we have found a unique force, a changing impulse vibrating in the heart of all Americans, from Brazil to United states. an impulse that inspired us to go forward, to continue the (r)evolution, to live with more intensity sharing the gift of our Pachamama.

“La tierra no se vende” shout the people of this continent, and they are right and we want to believe in those sacred words and keep believing in a free world, without borders, with injustice, a world were wealth is shared the same way smiles are.

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