The Journey of humanity An ecological adventure, in 14 month we traveled more than 30 000km hitch and boathiking from The Netherlands to Mexico and the US with more than 480 vehicles without using and acepting money ...

The 19th of January 2010 we started a journey that took departure in The Hague, The Netherlands, city of peace and justice, towards Mexico. The aim being to free ourselves from all prejudices and pre-concepts that shape our societies. We wanted to shake traditions and customs and undertake a different type of journey where we would experience the life without money, trying to travel as much as we could in harmony with our mother earth.

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We hit the road with cameras to realize a documentary on our journey and to share what we are experiencing during the adventure of our life, our strongest asset is the strong faith in humanity. We left Holland leaving our bodies and souls for the future, trusting in the other and the world... knowing that wherever we would get we would find the goodness in the people.

This journey took us through Belgium, France, Spain, Marocco, Canaries' islands, Cap Verd's from where we crossed with a sailing boat the Atlantic Ocean to Brasil, there our brother Nicola returned to Europe, but Benjiamin and Raphael continued their way to Mexico. The road took us to French Guyana, Suriname and Guyana where Raphaels girlfriend Nieves joined us. Passing Venezuela and Colombia. From now on we where 4 young world citizens finding there way with a boat to Panama and continued traveling throught Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize to finally arrive on the 25th of November in Mexico for the international Climate Change Conference COP16 in Cancun. Together with many other humans from all over the world we joined the Klimaforum, an alternative side-event of COP16. In Cancun Benjamin left with an bycicle to get to Mexico City and Nieves and Raphael hitchhiked to the capital of Mexico.
A long adventure of already 14 months, during which we covered 30 000km by foot, hitchhiking and boathiking only, meeting thousands of kind human beings who helped us to realize our dream, because only thanks to humanity this journey was possible. We are deeply thankful for all our brothers and sisters who helped us with shelter, love food, rides, encouraging words, hugs and so much more! We crossed a third of the planet without usting money except for a passport and 4 countries where we could not avoid paying entry or leaving fees at the border. We wanted to demonstrate that in order to travel, learn languages, get to know people, cultures and to learn more about one self you do not need money, but faith, heart and a lot of pascience!

To travel, learn, share and live without money is possible and by opening ourselfs to destiny and all these marvelous people who share the same planet with uswe encountred humanity in its purest form.
Many questions have been asked during this adventure to us. One of the most recurrent was "Why?"

Why? Because we are all one and all connected...all together with our mother earth. We want to live in harmony with all human beings and our beautiful earth. 

- We traveled without using money, believing that money -and everything hidden behing it such as profit- is the curse of our modern societies. Money is everywhere, in our pockets, in our our minds. Money is behing all troubles of our worlds, wars for ressources, hunger for lack of distribution and industrial exploitation, pollution for economic expansion and enrichment, etc... the list is long... behind each problem, one can find money. Principles of sharing and giving are long lost since capitalism undertook the command of our lives. We are losing our humanity. However the solution is simple. It is as easy as saying no... no to money and yes to freedom and happiness.

- We chose to travel by hitchhiking to reduce the ecological impact of our movements by using what is already there. There will be always a car going in our direction. It is as well a great opportunity to meet a complete stranger and open yourself to him, experiencing the beauty of sharing.

- We drunk the water from the tap or the river, using the lifesaver bottle to filter it and prevent intoxications, refusing at any times to use plasti embottled water. Plastic is everywhere today, we use plastic everyday buying one-use products all the time, this plastic is one of the cancer endangering the life of our planet...hopefully alternatives exist that we must support. 

- We slept outside, in the nature, in the streets, in gas station and parkings, in the house of kind people who invited us...Hotels, hostels are another product of the craziness of our modern societies. The recent crisis about housing reflects our obsession to possess more and to have places all around the world that remain empty most of the time...while millions of human beings don't have a shelter. 

- We traveled freely, without prejudices, opening ourselves to the others believing in the goodness that lies in each one's earth. We encounter what we bring inside of our souls. It works like a smile, when you smile at the world, the world smiles back to you.

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