Sunday, February 7, 2016

free e-books of the moneyless journey !

Dear brothers and sisters !

It is always a surprise to see so many people visiting this website so often when the journey ended some years ago ! 
We don't update this blog anymore but we have other blogs and projects that are related to the moneyless experience. We also have a couple of e-books you can download for free to read about our journey and other experiences without money.

In German :

Glucklich ohne geld was published in German and tell the story of Raphael Fellmer, how he came to take such a crazy trip, the adventure of becoming a father without money and the creation of Foodsharing. You can download it here :
More infos about Raphael and his projects :


In French : un sou en poche tells the story of the adventure from the point of view of Benjamin Lesage and was published in 2015. 
There is a free version avalaible on his blog :

There is also a guide to travel without money available ! 

If any french/english translator interested, please contact him : sansunsou @ 

In english :
A short story about the journey of 51 pages available here :

In Italian : Coming soon !

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