Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happiness and Love are Contagious

Happiness and Love are Contagious

The road is the goal, the aim of live – because only when you are living completely conscious and aware in the moment, in the here and NOW, you can be yourself – free of fears, worries and troubles of the past! Everything is passing the only thing that never leaves us - like our brother - is the MOMENT! Is the NOW!
We are all earthlings, brothers and sisters from the same mother earth. We are all one, all together and in each one of us we can find everything - the eternal love for all of us and our marvelous pachamama ("mother earth" in the indigenous language from the people of the Andes). When one gives the earth and its people trust its like setting a step into the air who holds you! By living what we are: loving, smiling and aware beings the journey inwards, the longest journey of all is just about to begin! One has always the wonderful opportunity to continue the pathless land, the land of unbounded consciousness. Each one of us has the freedom to do in every moment of live whatever we want, and it lays in our hands to be responsible for our actions.

We live in a world which is fascinating diverse of cultures, languages, people, habits and routines. Yet besides all differences we have on our colorful globe, there is so much more we share and have in common than divides us!

Variety means richness, nevertheless there is something stronger, something which is connecting all this billion people on our planet, the spirit of love and happiness which is omnipresent and an equal dream for each single part of our humanity. We who can write and read, study and work, travel and stay wherever we want are very privileged. We who are unbound of the needs to struggle for survival and free to think and evolve to contribute value to this magnificent melting pot of cultures, ideas and people - to our Earth - our society. A life of the richest 20 percent of the worlds population who lives without borders, with cross-culture experience in friendship and union, peace and well-being. But all this should not be just for a few of the almost 7 billion world citizen, it should be provided for everyone! And we can make the difference today, by thinking global and acting local. We can give our money to social and sustainable banks, buy fair-trade and second hand products, buy local, organic and seasonable food. Further we can reduce our carbon food-print buy eating less meat or no meat at all. Buy less, reuse and recycle more. Drive together, take the bike, hitchhike, couchsurf
(, get yourself a renewable energy supplier, switch of the light wherever you can and so much more. I believe that only by constantly learning from each other and to rethink every conditioned habit in our culture we can create a new culture, our culture. Sharing is everything. In a peaceful union of free minds we will have unlimited power to love and to leave worries, hate, wars, environmental destruction and problems to the past! Education is the key and we can learn everywhere and from anyone. Traveling is to embrace the world with open arms and minds – because minds are like parachutes – they only function when the are open!

Our world is marvelous - and it´s so rich of everything if one wants to see it, to accept it. Every single human being has a wonderful light in himself, even if some keep it for themselves and are afraid to share this love for themselves and all other brothers and sisters. We can share love like a candle can share his light with thousands of others and its power will not be diminished. The contrary is the case – it will just get lighter and lighter! Warmer and warmer and more real - more of what we really are - people who love to share and to live in harmony and peace. We are the masters, teachers of our mind. This implements that we are captain of our own life, the creators of our own reality and that we are responsible for our action and even more important for our non-actions a like! By unabridged acceptance of what we truly are we can experience ultimate love and freedom to our self and everything what surrounds us, to the world and our nature – finally to reality, because complaining about it means to reject it. Aristotle said already: “The whole is more than the some of its parts”. Once we all realized this, there will be space and power for new levels of consciousness which we can not even imagine today. One day love and freedom will have importance like water and sun to us already today. So spread love because sharing happiness, love and trust is what will bounce back from the world which is like a mirror. Love and Peace to you!

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