Friday, July 2, 2010

Earth and Hearts

Earth...mother of all livings...all earthlings who live together, breathing the same air, drinking the same water, aspiring all to live in peace and harmony with the world. This is not a is a vision, a vision shared by millions of human beings all around the world. to live in peace and harmony loving each other. This is not a is reality, waiting for us...

Today, Reality means means breaking the old rules, putting down the bases of a society that is going straight to self-destruction. Today is the time to put an end to the absurdity of our ways of living, consuming and thinking. We are all one, all united. whatever action we do, whatever thought we have has an impact on the world, on people, on nature. Earth is a jewel of perfection where everything works in of of water coming from the sea, getting desalinized in the clouds to swamp the lands...get filtered by the earth for the livings and coming back to the seas...Nature is perfect...all what human beings have to do is to live in harmony with go with the wind as it blows.

Many obstacles can be seen on the way to harmony but with a close-up on the situation, things remain simple. The whole system in which we live in is sick, lost in its own craziness that has been growing during centuries alimenting its own destruction. And yet we had it all. Nature could teach us all how to live, how to trust our own hearts and souls. Human nature is good...generous and kind. We all feel the love in our hearts and just the distractions of our modern times prevent us to listen to it. It is there however, there inside. We need to listen to our deep selves, to this inner voice that can guide us to the right direction. Nature gives us fruits expecting us to share it with others and respect the tree that gave them to us. Many obstacles can be seen on the way...and they are all connected to each other. There are no multiplication of problems and troubles...

Wars that destroyed our lands for thousands years are all about resources, petrol, diamonds, gold or fertile lands; hunger is a creation of the land-grabbing of a minority to sell more and get richer; social fracture, modern slavery, child labour are the results of the greediness of a couple of individuals who wants always more; pollution and the destruction of the planet comes from the lack of respect of the humans toward its own feeder in order to get richer as if we were cutting the hand that gives us our food...all this to get more, more money...

Money and all what is represented by money is a gangrene spoiling our world, destructing our own nature and leading us to destruction. Money has been invented for commodity in times where people thought it was normal to have slaves and were already aspiring to be richer than their neighbours. Money putted away the principles of sharing and giving, core values of our nature. Nature gives us fruits expecting us to share it with others and respect the tree that gave them to us. We believe in the nature of the human beings. We are not made to get richer, or get more possessions, we are not born to be better than the others nor to control them, we came to life pure with the desire of living happy in love and harmony. We can all feel it deeply inside when we close our eyes, when we hug another human, when we share our love.

It is time to leave our sick societies behind, to give up the distractions who only give us satisfaction and take us away from is time to think with a new spirit, to abandon the vice of money and learn again to give and share with others. All we need is already there, there are food for all the unfed, water for all the thirsty, shelter for all the homeless, peace for all the troubled heart, love for all of us. It is all about sharing.

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