Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Essaouira to fuerteventura

“I will drive you guys to Canary Island, if you want, in about 10 days”. With these words, a belgium guy called Robin, introduced himself to us while we were reaching the harbour of Agadir in order to find a boat to boathike in. The solution came to us even before we started looking for it that morning. “I am going to Essaouira now, I ‘ll write you an e-mail some days before coming back here”…in front of our eyes the solution to leave Morocco and continue our journey of freedom through Canaries islands. An explosion of joy united us in an unforgettable hug of friendship. Boathiking is possible and the Canaries are waiting for us.

10 days more to enjoy Morocco before our departure. Enthusiast to have the chance to discover more of this country, we go down the street, hitchhiking this time with no clear destinations… hitchhiking to meet new people, to listen to new stories, to see new lands… to let destiny drive us. First stop is Taghazout, a town well known for its incredible waves that attract surfers from all over the world. The moroccans culture is here mixed with surfing. Interesting people cross our way, many of them are open minded persons who just attented one of the “Rainbow gatherings” that took place close to Taghazout. These gatherings are interesting occasions to meet people that come from everywhere in order to share their knowledges, wisdom and philosophies. We also met a 48 years old english lady who taught us about vegan kitchen and surprised us with her no-time beauty which is the result of a healty and meditative life.

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After one day in Taghazout we hitchike further in the direction of Essaouira and at one point, while we are just going out of one car who gave us a ride, we meet a funny guy, Mohammed. He invite us for a tea and we become friend instantly. We also met all the people inside the bar we go and they get particularly exited and interested in discovering our bottle that can filter the tap water. We have a lot of fun with them while they filter and taste the water that come out from the filter.
Mohammed tell us that he works at night, up to a mountain, observing and checking some old machine to prevent them to get stolen. He inspire us talking about these mountains and we decide to follow him to spend a night in the middle of the Nature. That night become at the end two wonderful days in which we take our time to breath, reflect, meditate and enjoying the beauty of Nature and the richness of biodiversity. We feel good far from the road, cars and people. We make fires to drink tea and we cook some local vegetables. We wash our clothes in the river, we produce shoes with recycle materials…

We come back on the road absolutely relaxed and we point our thumbs towards Essaouira. A ride come after only 2 minutes, directly to our destination. The landscape is wonderful. We arrive in Essaouira in a windy evening, but we feel connected to the city since our first steps. We walk through the Medina, rainbow of colors everywhere. Everything is calm. We feel that something is happening when we meet some french jugglers, coming with a group of friend from Mohammedia. We discover that the following day a gathering of jugglers is scheduled. Minutes after minutes, new wonderful people appears, nobody know each others but we are all friends and everybody want to celebrate together. We find ourselves inside a positive wave of positive people and we can swim on it in the most natural way. Everybody has a smile still in his face, everybody has something to say, something to teach, something to show. We met a musician from Essaouira and he invite us to sleep… he just say “Peace brothers, come to my place!”. The day after we make a big parade across the streets of Essaouira, with plenty of people, music, jugglers and everybody who want to join… and actually many people join this fantastic way and we become a group of happy people who celebrate happiness and freedom together.

In the streets of Essaouira we also find again Robin, the captain of the boat, “Robin des mers” that will bring us to the Canaries Island. Full of energy we come back to Agadir and we prepare ourselves for the journey, that will take about 48 hours. We decide then to recycle food for the trip and between 23:00 and 00:00 of our last night in Morocco, we go asking to all the restaurants that we encounter, to share with us the wastes of their kitchens, everything they would throw away. What happen is incredible: to every place we go, something is given to us. Nobody refuse, not one. Like a positive energy that can’t stop once started, everybody give us something till our hands are filled with bread, vegetables, potatoes and so on… We spend our two latest night in the corridor of a building and in the morning, we find the breakfast laying at our feet… We love Morocco, we are highly emotioned to leave this country that gave us so much and even in the last moment Morocco is caring at us like a mum to her children. We will never forget all the emotions that this wonderful place gave us and we will bring anywhere all these experiences who have made us, different and better persons.

We are ready to sail with the “Robin des Mers”, enthusiast to continue this enriching journey of freedom… we leave the harbour of Agadir and soon we find ourselves on the deep sea. The waves are particularly agitated and our joy don’t last too much. In about 15 minutes all of us three are sick and we try to close our eyes and relax while the waves are hitting the boat intensively. We give all of our trust to our captain, who easily conduce the boat till Fuerteventura, while we try to get a little bit more use to the waves. Despite the craziness of this trip, we get completely fascinating by the sea, majestuous and beautiful and we are hungry to discover more. When we land in Fuerteventura, the land seems to move like the sea before, and we soon discover that it is the energy of the island that make the land trembling! In Corralejo, north of Fuerteventura, everything happened: we meet a bunch of nice people, especially some kind italians who get really fascinated by our story. Together with them we realize therefore a photo exhibition of our journey and we exhibit them at the “Ctrl C@fe’”, in the city center. Our story begins to pass from mouth to mouth and we get invited to tell our story to two radio programs, we get interviewed by the local magazine “Macronesia” and finally from the spanish television TVE, who made us a 2 minutes video that is in these days broadcasted in Telecanarias and in the news of the National Channel, TVE1. For the first time we receive such a mediatic attention and everyday we understand more how our message is powerful and how the life we are doing is inspiring the people who cross our path, especially young people of our generation who are looking for happiness but still are not able to free themselves from the society…freedom and happiness lie right in front of our eyes..we just need to open them…

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