Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Want to be a heroe?

When one starts to feel concerned about the world and what’s going on around him, a logical sequence is the will to change the world. Everything is so unfair, so crazy. Why are we not doing anything! I know what we should do...and it starts, a pursuit of an unachievable happiness in the look for change. One can merely get satisfaction for it...a selfish satisfaction. The world didn’t change and you are in a black hole wondering what you are doing.

Well, good news, this is normal and you are not the only one thinking this way, there are thousands of us, wandering in this world looking for the better and trying to convince the other that yes, we can change. And unfortunately the only answer we ever got back is: why would we want to change? Some good answer will go on with the idea that evolution cannot be stopped and the earth won’t be destroyed by a couple of small humans. The change will come, we don’t have to get stressed about it...and there has been always injustice, poverty and dead people. That’s part of the deal, when you came to life you unconsciously sign the contract: you will die one day and so everybody else.

That’s a good explanation, based on some true facts. And so what? We wait for dying...I guess that if you read this it must mean somehow that you agree on the fact that life is not worth it if it is just to wait for our death. Even if you don’t believe in anything, any gods or must feel somewhere that life has a purpose.

Here comes the good question: what purpose? To change the world? surely not? what then? to change be happy, to live a good life...isn’t it to selfish to think that way? We get lost in here.

You find your own purpose, your find your own quest, your own challenge, you become the hero of your choice, the one that save the garbage at home or rescue wasted water, the one that allows cows to live more, revive the are your own hero. And it seems that there is enough to do with your own life!:)

It is all about sharing, forgiving the other and yourself not being perfect, forgiving the world and love all that is. That said, make your own change you want to see in yourself.

Be the change you want to see in yourself!

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