Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Going back to Europe!

Forward the revolution wants to go back to Europe! 2012 is a year of change and we want to embrace this change and starts a commune in Europe. The place is not decided yet, nor the people who want to join. Just one certainty for now: We want to create a space were money is banned and people live as a big it should be everywhere!

After road tripping for a while in Mexico and the US, Benjamin is looking for a boat, sailing boat or any kind of boat that could take him to the other side. He will be traveling with one other friends, Morlan who thrive for living the adventure!

If you know anything about a boat going to Europe in the following month and the possibility for us to join the crew, please let us know! We normally refuse the exchange but are willing to work as much as it is necessary to go back to the “old continent”.

Love for all

Here a little video to show briefly what the journey is about!

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