Saturday, July 17, 2010

Forward the (r)evolution

All crisis are consequences of wrong decisions or displaced behaviour, symptoms showing that something went wrong somehow in the system. Crisis are therefore sometimes the best opportunities -and maybe the only one- to realise that the way we have been following was a dead end. The last economical crisis that shake the world for a couple of years is a wake up call. A signal, send to our brains like a headache, or a stomachache when we wake up after a crazy night of excess.

Modern societies went too far, we went too far, pushing our greediness over the limits of nature. Growth, richness, competition, wars, hunger, injustices, sets of values founded some hundreds years ago that we still sustain today without thinking too much about the real consequences...

The human race does not evolve today, it grows, as monster grows. We are growing, eating everything we find, whether we are hungry or not, attracted by an instinctual need of destruction. And we know it. The human beings are on their way, destructing their own home, impoverishing the soils that give them food, contaminating the atmosphere that allow them to breathe and killing their own brothers. We are aware of it, people talk about it. We even have the solutions already, renewable energies, responsible consumption, respect and love...And yet, changes are just drawings in the imagination of a few.

Where did it all started ? Hard to say...the easy answer would be to say that the human nature is like that. We are all born selfish, irrespective with a thirst of destruction. I take a look around me. I see a new born, his angel he so cruel ? I don't think so...

To me, it started a long time ago...and that might be why some people think it is some kind of innate characteristic. It is just a thousand years of bad behaviour ! A long time ago then, when humans had no impact whatsoever on the nature. They were not even hunting...they just ate fruits and other plants they were finding on their ways. Their were nomads as well. Harmony. Women and Men taking the fruits from the tree, loving it and adoring it for its gifts and sharing it with the other members of the tribes. Clean water was running not so far away, they were also sharing it, as their homes, caves, huts... A beautiful world...and then, things change. Discovery of the fire, settlements, people starting to get for the fruits, another for the water, another one who hunts...coming to a point when one had a lot of apple and wanted a bit more of water. Exchanges started and with it the idea of property. Fruits were no longer a gift from the nature they were the product from Mister X. It is simply written...but the same idea rules today. We exchange – or we sell- products, things that come from the nature, that has been given -for free-by our Pacha Mama. And we are paying for it...paying meaning we are working for it, from 8 to 17 o'clock when you have been born in social pseudo democracy...more for the others.

Getting up in the morning, getting stress by the clock...tic, tac, tic, tac...Coffee to open a sleepy eye, short night yesterday, no time to eat, the clock keeps going after me...countdown that never ends. Traffic jumps, more stress, getting angry, hitting the steering wheel...arriving late, a nice word from the manager who is as stress as I am. He had to get up earlier than me and he can't be late. Eight hours to do whatever, it doesn't really matter, I just need the money to pay the rent, the insurance, the taxes, the fuel for my car, the loan for it, the bills for the water getting more expensive every month -I should ix the leak in the bathroom but I have no time for it-, the food,the beers and the cigarette I need to relax...But wait a minute. Why am I doing all this ? It seems like my whole life is about working and paying to live. And most of my expenses are lodging, food and water.

No need to be a philosopher to realise that something is wrong...something went wrong with our way of living. We got everything from the nature, even the manual and the values we need : to give, to share and to live. The tree gives us the fruit, we love it by respecting the tree to ensure he gives more fruits in the future. These fruit is are for everyone, we just have to share them. Our way of thinking went far away from that. But nothing is over, there are no apocalypse,we are our own salvation, we can become nature again.

Some persist saying the human nature is perverse...there is nothing to do about it. These people forget to take in consideration the evolution. Even if everything what Darwin wrote about it might not be true, it is today clear that livings evolve. There is an evolution for all species on earth. We do evolve as well...and we must evolve today. Yes, humans have been greedy and selfish, yes, they have tried for centuries to destroy their brothers and sisters. It is just as a young boy who fight with his sister, with violence sometimes until he becomes conscious he loves her very much and he doesn't want to hurt her. To become conscious. Humanity is becoming conscious of its impact on the nature, on the planet and also on its own behaviour towards other livings. Consciousness leads to change, change is evolution.

Human beings have been driven in the last centuries by the idea of exchanges, possessions, trade and financial enrichment while forgetting their own roots. This way of living was not safe for the planet nor for the human itself. Crisis started hitting the human society as a consequence. The last on is not over...and it might hurt very strong our systems, our traditions and beliefs. It is a « no » addressed by the humans to themselves, as the body warns the brain. Evolution is on its way, from violence to peace, from barbarism to civilisation, from ignorance to consciousness, from indifference to love. This crisis is a call for (r)evolution. Revolution being the action of getting out of its own world to analyse it and forward the change.

It is time to change, to forward the evolution , embracing new opportunities, new ideas and thoughts to find harmony with the planet and all the livings on it. It is time to open our minds and our doors to the change.

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