Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why to become a Vegetarian?

Vegetarian diet has many advantages, for us humans, the animals and finally for our mother earth. When you stop eating meat you significantly improve your health, dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by up to 80 percent, and greatly lessen the suffering of animals.

Improve your health, the medical evidence is clear, consistent and overwhelming. Vegetarians and vegans are far less likely to get cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis. Further they have lots more stamina, consume far less pesticides, a superior immune function and last but not least are fare less likely to be overweight.

The largest epidemiological study ever conducted (the China-Oxford-Cornell study) found that those eating the amount of animal foods typical for Americans have seventeen times the death rate from heart disease, and, for women, five times the rate of breast cancer, than those who get 5% or less of their protein from animal foods. If all this is not enough information already, lets have a look at the facts about the livestock industry:

  • 100 Billion animals are killed each year around the world for livestock, leather, animal experiments etc. (about 300 Million tons of meat)
  • 51 % of all Green House Gases are produced through the Livestock Industry (in comparison 14 % from all transport like cars, ships, plain, trains etc.)
  • Europeans eat per average 120kg of meat per year per person, this is about 10-15 times more than 50 years ago (in comparison in Africa a person eats per average just 5kg per year)
  • 90 % of all the food the animals in Europe consume are coming from Brazil
  • 70 % of the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest is caused by the livestock industry, mainly through soya plantations
  • 15.000 Liters of water are needed to produce 1kg of beef meat
  • You can save more water by not eating 1kg of beef than you do by not showering for 2 years!
  • The equivalent of Green House Gases (GHG) emitted from one kilo beef meat is like driving about 200 kilometers with a car
  • 10kg of vegetables are needed to produce 1kg of beef meat
  • To produce enough food for a human, meaning enough proteins, you need between 5-12 times less farming space with vegetarian diet in comparison to a meat eater and this means also less water, less fertilisers, less transportation etc.
  • The majority of the food available today is used for the livestock industry, if we would not feed animals but humans instead the world could feed easily 12 billion people
  • The majority of mass produced chickens today are killed after only 5 weeks of miserable life
  • In the past 50 years, fishers have exterminated 90 percent of large fish populations
  • Most animals in the livestock industry are full of antibiotics and other medicine in order to survive in terrible conditions, the fear of each animal during his short life period and the shock when they get killed stays in the meat and is transmitted to humans when they eat the meat

Becoming Vegetarian is a non-violence weapon against the injustice in our world and for our planet earth, for the animals and your health.After all this information we can rephrase the iniatialal questions, not why to become a Vegetarian... but lets ask instead, "What's stopping you to become a Vegetarian...?"

For information check: and the eye-opening documentary "Earthlings" about the reality of the relation of animals and humans

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